Benefits of Being a member of Eastbourne Downs

Golf membership is a unique experience. We think that once you've experienced it you'll never look back. Joining Eastbourne Downs is more than simply playing a round of golf. Start playing, meet our members and simply enjoy life as a Downs member....You won't know what you're missing out on until you do.

Don't be a nomad - start belonging and make Eastbourne Downs your golfing home

Members Benefits:

  • Friendships
  • Walk up and play
  • Play as often as you like - whenever you like*
  • Organised competitve and social golf
  • Gain an official golf handicap
  • Reciprocal rates with like minded Clubs
  • Access our facilities - Clubhouse, practice ground.
  • Great value golf all year round
  • Equipment and trolley storage
  • 1908 Society Club access

*subject to membership level and any tee reservations - e/g. competitions


As a Downs member you'll soon meet plenty of people and beging making new friendships. We are a social bunch - always welcoming and encourage members to play with different people. With weekly social 'thrashes' - regular partners or simply joining a group on the tee. Once you're a member you are part of something bigger.

Walk up and play

Members don't need to book a tee time for social golf. Simply walk up and play generally whenever you feel like it. Tee times are reserved for competitions and large groups of visitors but it's a rare occassion when you can't get out when you want to.

Play as often as you like

If you're a member you can play our course as often as you want. If you have the energy 7 days a week, all day long. Just have time for a quick 4 hole loop - no problem. Want to tame the back nine - again no problem. Membership provides you access to our course all the while it's open. 

This ability to play as often as you want, whenever you want is one of the major advantages of being a Downs member.

Organised golf

Across the Club we have organised golf events - from social 'thrashes/groups', social competitions, Club matches with other clubs to structured medal and trophy competitions - for ALL abilities across the entire Club. We have weekday and weekend events - If your'e aged over 55 join the seniors for a regular game on Wednesday's, Ladies generally play on a Thursday and weekends and there's Gents competitions usually Saturdays or Sundays.

An opportunity to gain a handicap

Gaining a handicap is the gateway to competitive golf. Handicaps are based on your ability and enable you to play in competitions and in Open competitions at other clubs. It reflects your ability and importantly enables you to compete on a level playing field regardless of your ability. Whether you start out as a 28 handicapper playing a single figure golfer or vica versa - play to your handicap and you compete on level terms - no other sport achieves this.

Reciprocal rates with other clubs.

At the Downs we have teamed up with other local clubs to offer members reciprocal rates at other course. Our friends courses can be played for as little as £10 (subject to booking). No two for one deal can beat that in the summer.and is only available to linked golf club members. Our list is growing all the time and includes Royal Eastbourne, Willingdon, Cooden Beach, Haywards Heath, Ifield, Dyke and Holtye, Seaford Head, Effingham Park, Mid Sussex and Mannings Heath.

Access to our facilities

As well as the course - our main attraction - you also get to use our practice facitlities, including the driving range and short game areas. Bring your own practice balls or use ours. You can also hire a locker or space in our trolley shed to store your gear, saving you the journey home. As a member you can also hire the clubhouse to hold your own private function.

Great value

Once you start playing the cost of your round of golf is simply peanuts compared to our normal green fee rates. With our membership the more you play, the more you save. You'll also get 10% off your bar purchases using your members card. We've also arranged third party insurance cover within your membership. 

Benefits At A Glance

Published: 01/04/2014

There are many benefits of being a Downs member. Each will be unique to you and your own outlook. We've suggested a few here. One thing we are absolutely confident of is you simply can't beat being a member of a golf Club. Join us today and find out what you're missing.

1908 Society

Published: 01/04/2014

Unique to the Downs (and other 1908 clubs) we belong to the 1908 society of golf clubs. The society was founded in 2006 from golf clubs founded in 1908 and celebrating their Centenary years in 2008. The society offers unique benefits to the Downs members.