Get Into Golf @ Eastbourne Downs

Golf is one of those sports that once the bug bites, you'll rarely stop enjoying the game. It is one sport where the very best can compete with lesser players and still have a close competitive game. There is nothing better than a great round of golf with friends on a sunny day and relaxing in the clubhouse passing the time away.

As a new player golf can appear inaccessible, you think Clubs won't want you as a member and that there all stuffy and unapproachable and have lots of rules. Golf is seen as exclusive. Unless you know someone who's a member of a Club or already plays golf it's difficult to know where to start.

The Downs is not exclusive, we welcome all new members whatever your ability. We are a friendly bunch and will always make you feel welcome and with the fresh air we get on the downs there is no chance of a stuffy atmosphere... The only stuffiness you'll see is in the Christmas Turkey!

Once you've decided to take up the game, come up and see us and let us know how you're getting on and enjoy a great game of golf on our course.

Follow our short guide on how to get into golf

Playing Golf

Published: 01/04/2018

When you first start you'll likely spend a fair bit of time on the practice ground, building up your skills and confidence. You will though soon want to practice out on the course. If you've not joined us you'll need to pay a green fee before you play - see our visitors page for more information.