Our rates at a glance

When it comes to golf membership we recognise that golf should not be too expensive and in a modern lifestyle there are so many other things people want to do as well as play golf - so hjustifying the expense can be difficult. We want everyone to be able to experience our Club membership so we make sure we offer superb value from our Academy membership through Adult Full membership. Contact us now to find out more about our membership and start making friends at Eastbourne Downs. 

We've a number of different ways for you to join Eastbourne Downs and start playing golf at our fantastic course. These rates are based on 12 month membership (with the exception of Academy membership) and are all available to pay over monthly installments.

2017 Membership Rates

Membership Scheme



Full Adult £58 £695
Aged 26-30 £41 £500
Aged 19-25 £21 £260
Junior 15-18 £11 £135
Junior under 15   £25
Full time student £19 £260
Academy £25 (6 mnths) £150
Social (non golf)   £35

* Join on the first year option of £58 per month in the first year.

Remember these are annual fees (with the exception of academy membership which is for 6 months). In addition to the rates above an association fee to Sussex Golf Union and English Golf Union is chargeable