If your just starting the price of golf gear can be quite daunting at first with sets costing hundreds of pounds. However you don't need to spend a fortune to get golfing. Our Club shop has a number of second hand clubs for sale, all at reasonable prices. You could also borrow some clubs while you practice.

There's loads of articles on the net about equipment - but as a guide for a basic set aim for a game improver set, these are designed for beginners and will help you develop confidence. You don't need a full of clubs (14 clubs) but can get going with a few clubs such as a Pitching Wedge, an Eight or Nine Iron (short irons), a Seven or Six Iron (Mid irons) and either a driver or 3 Wood although these are not necessary to begin with. You'll also need a putter. A basic second hand half set could cost as little as £50 and you'll find a number to choose from in our Golf shop. If you're thinking of buying on ebay - speak to Terry our Professional for advice on what to look for in a second hand set.

Practice and learn with the irons to start with to master the basic swing and set up and avoid the additional cost of a wood to start with.

You will also need to dress for golf, the same as any sport. Golf shoes are essential, they're not a fashion accessory but help your feet grip as you play your shots. A new pair of shoes can be had from around £20. You'll also need a collared shirt (polo shirt) and a pair of trousers or shorts. Football or rugby shirts and shorts don't count though due to dress codes on the course, these will likely set you back about £5-10 per item if you haven't already got them in your wardrobe.