Golf is often considered as an expensive exclusive sport, however compared to some sports it's not as expensive as you might think. A round of golf will cost you £20, for that you get to play for about 4 hours (£5 per hour), compare that to say a 40 minute squash court at £5.40, tennis court£6.20 per hour. Gym membership can cost around £50 per month. Depending on if and how you join us the monthly cost could be as low as £30 per month (and even lower depending on your age)

Good used equipment can be had for as little as £50, you don't need the latest and best equipment to get started. Also, if you join you get to use our great lounge and be entitled to 20% discount on all bar purchases. Actually saving you money!

You don't need to be a member to play golf at The Downs but we do encourage membership, not least for all the members benefits but also of joining a fantastic golfing community which will help you get more out of golf. Membership can be a cost effective way to play golf, especially now with our membership options to suit most peoples circumstances.

Membership could be had from as little as £25 per month and is great value as long as you use it. Have a look at our membership pages to view our latest offers and members benefits.

As for being exclusive - simply come up and visit us and you'll find out how inclusive we are.